4 Useful Chrome Extensions

GOOGLE CHROMEChrome is the most popular browser in the world. Chrome has many incredible extensions that can help you be more productive. Check out these 10 extensions that will help you get more done in less time.

1-Text Blaze

Use: It eliminates repetitive typing, so you don’t have to repeatedly type the exact words or emails

Installation. Go to the Chrome store, and search for Text Blaze. When you install it, start creating your snippets. Hit the plus button, click on the Text Blaze Chrome extension and then click the new snippet button.

Free up to 20 snippets.

2. Picture-in-Picture

Use: You are on YouTube and want to multitask.

Installation: Click the Picture-in-Picture extension, and now you can see the video. You can decrease and increase the size of the video. You can also drag it wherever you want on your desktop. And you can play the video while browsing anywhere on the web. So you can work while watching the video. It is a cheap alternative to the second screen.

 3- Print Friendly

Use: Find the article you want to print. Click on the Print Friendly icon. In an instant, it is converted into a print-friendly version. You can print it right away, save it as a PDF and even delete any sections you don’t want to print.

Download: It is easy to download just click on download your PDF.

4-Marinara Pomodoro Assistant

Use: Pomodoro is a time management system allowing you to break down bigger tasks into smaller sub-tasks. Typically it is broken down into 25 minutes intervals, with a five-minute break in between.

Installation: Once installed, right-click on the tomato icon, setting the options if you want to do so, and you can set a focus duration. Twenty-five minutes is typical. Just set a timer sound if you want to do so. See your break as well and then any other options, such as the notifications.

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