Best Facebook post scheduler for 2022

Facebook Post scheduler

Scheduling your Facebook posts is a great way to save yourself some time and increase the reach of your page. It’s a simple process that takes less than a minute to do. Facebook has been the most trafficked site for a long time. It is the number one social networking site (SNS) in the world, with a user base of over 845 million people worldwide. Utilizing Facebook to its full potential can save you time and increase your brand reach, but this won’t happen if you don’t maximize your posting.

With our scheduling software one can easily plan ahead to post on Facebook. Here are some of the things our Post Planner software can do it for you:

Schedule posts for multiple pages at once
Schedule posts that repeat at specified intervals.

Schedule your posts for the group you have joined.
Select different time zones for different posts
Get email notifications when your posts publish
The “Suggestions” feature on Post Planner offers post ideas and tips that you can use to make your updates more effective and interesting.

Use another feature , that is ,  use premade templates specifically created for Facebook post. These premade templates are easy to edit using canva free software.  By the way you can use this planning or scheduling software to post on other social media sites like Instagram, Pintrest, LinkedIn, Twitter, snapchat etc.

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The Facebook scheduler you’ve always wanted

Kick your social strategy up a notch with Facebook Scheduling. Schedule your Facebook posts in advance, manage everything in one easy calendar, and automatically publish to Facebook without a hitch.

Schedule your Facebook posts in a few simple clicks with Facebook Scheduler. You can use our software for other social media channels too. Here’s how:


Connect your all Facebook profile, Facebook pages and Facebook groups in the dashboard. Once all Facebook profiles are linked then you can schedule your posts on Facebook using this software. You can similarly connect all other social accounts inside the dashboard such as LinkedIn , Twitter , Pintrest , Instagram , Snapchat and more.


Using file manager upload your post which you needs to schedule.

Add a caption and hashtags, and edit your post.

Now add your caption, choose your hashtags, all in a few quick taps.

Select the schedule by clicking on the schedule tab. Select your date and time when you want to post or alternatively you can select the button NOW , if you want to post right now.

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