How to create your banner or social media post in 6 easy steps

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Create your social media post or banner with simple-to-follow steps

Now you can create your social media post or banner in simple-to-follow steps using our DIYSOCIALADS.COM

Follow the following steps to create posts or banners for all your social media accounts such as Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, and many more. You do not have to worry about image size etc just pick up the right platform and you are good to go. You can even choose a wide variety of pre-created templates which are easy to edit from our canva editable templates and use on all social media platforms.  Here are the easy-to-follow steps. Click on the menu item on the top bar with the word Blog and then choose social media banner creator (the last item on the top menu)

  1. Select what you want to create. You will have two options, select the one which suits your needs.
  2. Pick a layout. You will have three options to choose from. Pick the one which you like
  3. Pick a border. You can choose the different types of borders for your layout
  4. Upload your photo from your computer. You will be provided an option to adjust the image size. The maximum file size is restricted to 8Mb.
  5. Customize your message. You can write a message which you want to display with a post/banner. The maximum character limit is 120. You can adjust the font style and font color of your message at this step. Once completed hit the finish button.
  6. Download the created post or banner or share the world by clicking the download or share button. If you choose to share the post/banner then you will be provided four options to choose from which are Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and email. If you want to download the post/banner then you need to click the download button and it will be downloaded to your device(desktop, laptop, tablet, or smartphone).

You can also use our premade templates in the following categories where we have organized these templates according to the category they belong. Feel free to edit them and use them to promote your social media channels. The categories we have created templates are as under. If you do not see your preferred category or niche you work with please do not hesitate to send us an email and we will create easy-to-edit templates for your use in that category. The categories we worked on are

  1. Real Estate
  2. Site Safety
  3. Architect
  4. AC Technician
  5. Building Maintenance
  6. Carpenter
  7. Plumber
  8. Electrician
  9. Dog trainer
  10. Kitchen Design
  11. Special Inspections

You can schedule your post on all social media channels using our scheduling software by clicking here. You can schedule your post on Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, and even     Whatsapp. You can learn how to use WhatsApp to send messages to a wider audience. Please note they do not have to be in your contacts. You can send it to anyone who has a WhatsApp account. Learn how WhatsApp messaging work by clicking here.

See below the post I created with this software.

Social media post

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