Social Media Marketing Platform

Connect, Engage, and Grow Your Audience with us. Elevate Your Social Presence, Expand Your Reach, and Drive Results with our Marketing Platform.

All account in one place

One dashboard for all your social channels. Send your posts from one place to all social accounts.

Bulk posting

The Bulk Sharing tool of the CRM Social app can be used to share a list of posts to the desired social accounts. By default, all posts and images will be shared in ascending order.

The users can set a time interval between the posts. The minimum time interval is one minute. 

It’s essential to configure correctly a batch(import posts or upload media files and select the accounts) before enabling it. If there is no content or selected at least one account is, the batch will be automatically disabled.

If the Repeat option in the batches is disabled, the batch will be disabled as soon all posts will be published.

Complete posting history at one place

Our social app has the tab History where it is possible to see all published posts based on the time when they were and will be published. You have the search input to search posts, navigate in the posts, get the post’s content, get the time when the post was published or will be published, and have the button to delete the posts.

More clear view of the system

See everything about your connected social media channels in one place without logging in to different social accounts.

Supported Integrations


Publish to instagram account, reels, images and videos.

Google Business

Publish status updates, schedule events and prepare offers for your Google Business profile.


Publish videos to YouTube's Short page. Combine with a custom thumbnail and a first-comment.

Schedule and publish posts on your Facebook Page, in your groups, and videos as Reels.

Publish content to your linkedin profile and company pages. 


Publish videos and shorts to your tiktok channel from the web.


Publish blogs to your blogger blog from the platform.


Publish posts to your medium profile from the dashboard.