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1- Social media marketing and management system

Connect, Engage, and Grow Your Audience with us. Elevate Your Social Presence, Expand Your Reach, and Drive Results with our Marketing Platform. If you have accounts on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, medium, and Blogger then you can use our system to promote your channel or brand on all these platforms from one single dashboard. Visit www.diysocialads.com to read more about this system by clicking on https://diysocialads.com/social-media-marketing-platform/

2- WhatsApp marketing system

Use our WhatsApp marketing tool to engage with your customers and reach new clients. A great way for businesses to fulfill customer support expectations of receiving a prompt response for their chat. Send messages to numbers, not in contact. Save a campaign and resend it later.

Read more about this by visiting https://diysocialads.com/whatsapp-marketing-tool

3- Email marketing

With the combined use of all available sender options, you can send more than 100k emails totally free in a year.  Our email marketing system consists of tools designed to create, manage, and send marketing emails to a targeted audience. This system enables businesses to reach out to their customers and prospects with personalized, relevant content and promotions that can help drive sales and customer loyalty.

Our email marketing system includes an email list management system, a campaign management system, and an analytics and reporting system. The email list management system allows businesses to capture email addresses from their customers and prospects, organize them into different groups, and segment them accordingly.

To learn more about this visit https://diysocialads.com/email-marketing-automation

4-Premade templates to use in your campaigns.

Use our premade templates, edit them using Canva-free software, and post them on all social media channels. Visit us at https://diysocialads.com/all-products

5- AI generated content:

Generate high-quality content with ease using our AI-powered SaaS product. Our platform includes pre-made content generation forms for social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, making it easy to create engaging content that resonates with your audience and drives conversions. Say goodbye to manual content creation and hello to effortless, AI-powered content generation for all your marketing needs. Visit us at https://diysocialads.com/ai-generator/ to use some of the added products. More are coming soon.

Use all 4 systems at $100/year with 14 days free trial.

How to use the system

Click on the link https://diysocialads.com/pricing and choose your plan, enter your payment info and user name email address etc.

We have set up the system in such a way that our users can individually sign up and use the systems

To use a social media management system  click on www.social.diysocialads.com and create your account there, connect your social channels, and start posting on your social channels

To use the WhatsApp marketing system log in to www.post.diysocialads.com  create your account the first time and then you can use this system

To use the email marketing system create your account (one time) at www.marketing.diysocialads.com and start using this system

To use templates if you have entered your credit card info and received the confirmation email then you can use these templates.

Thanks for reading the post and we will be happy for you to succeed.

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