How to Use Whatsapp scheduler

Whatsapp scheduler allows you to post and schedule content to your unlimited whatsapp contacts. You can import contacts from csv and send or schedule a message for them. You can use auto responder and bot feature to send auto messages and bot messages.

Features Overview / How to Schedule Content Using Whatsapp Scheduler

Scan QR Code

Just click on whatsapp icon in the left and then click plus sign. It will show QR code to scan.

Link Your Phone Whatsapp

Open WhatsApp on your phone.

Tap More options > Linked devices.


Point your phone at the screen to scan the QR code.

At this point page will reload and you will see your whatsapp linked now.

Account Linked

Just click the green icon on the left to open whatsapp scheduler panel

Auto Responder

First icon is the account icon that will show you your whatsapp account linked details including your mobile number and whatsapp dp etc.

First main feature is the autoresponder feature. It will help to setup auto message that can be sent to your contacts after certain time interval. This auto message can be your promotional ad that can have the image and text content both. Just choose the image from file manager, write the text message and click Submit button.

Make sure to enable auto responder only when you want auto message sent after certain time interval otherwise keep it disabled. 

Bulk Messaging

Now we are going to explore bulk messaging.

It is second main feature, it will allow to setup unlimited contact groups/lists that will can have unlimited contacts. We are going to create first group/contact list.

Inside bulk messaging, click Contact Group then Add New button. Name the group to any you want.

Now click on Import Contact icon and paste your numbers directly or import from csv.

Click Create campaign. Name the campaign to any. Choose the group list you created. Choose the image from file manager and write the content message. Select time to post and click Schedule button.

The campaign message you added with the image and content will be sent to group contacts list you selected at specified time you added as a schedule.

The Schedules tab will allow you to see all the campaigns you have scheduled. It will allow you to pause or play the campaigns.


Chatbot is the feature that allows to setup as many bot messages as you want. It allows to specify the keywords. Whenever some of your contacts message you and it has any of that keyword as one of the word then the chatbot will automatically reply them with the message you have setup. Message can have image and text both or any of them.

This feature is best to send auto message when someone ask about the cost, pricing or services you are offering etc.

So click on Chatbot icon, then click Add New button. Name it to any. Now enter the words in the keywords area based on which you want to send auto message. Then write the message and click Save.

Setup as many bot messages as you want same way.


Template option allows to setup template messages that can be reused inside campaigns and chatbots. So they are like setup message once and reuse again and again.